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Virtue has its Rewards

Virtue has its Rewards

The pandemic has affected many businesses. Ms. Mui, an owner of a textile factory, had witnessed a decrease in business and as a result left many sewing machines unused. When she learned off Lotus Light’s Mask Drive to help the needy project, she offered to sell us the extra sewing machines at a discounted price, in hopes that it would help with the creation of the 10,000 masks.

Soon after, Ms. Mui called the office notifying us that she would not be able to sell the sewing machines, because there was a sudden order that needed them. She apologized and offered to cut out the mask patterns at a very low price. During the phone call, we have realized that because of her generosity in giving us discounts, she was rewarded in the form of a new order. Good will be rewarded with good, and thanks to Ms. Mui, we will be able to create the masks more efficiently.

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