About Us


Lotus Light Charity Society

Lotus Light Charity Society was founded in 1993 by Buddhist Grand Master Sheng-Yen Lu, to provide help and comfort to people in need. The international Lotus Light Charity Society has near 90 chapters throughout the world, and is headquartered inSeattle,WA.

Helping to Build a Better Tomorrow

The Charity has been fulfilling the dream and humanitarian vision of its founder, whether through improving cultural awareness and harmony, or providing financial assistance to promising students, providing medicine and needed supplies to the ill and the suffering, or through promoting social development, the Lotus Light Charity Society has been working quietly but diligently to help build a better tomorrow.

To quote Grand Master Lu:

“We must help those who suffer in disasters, to offer immediate relief to them.

We must help the struggling to receive education.

We must help with the construction of homes, to offer shelter to those without.

We must donate clothes to those who shiver without clothing.

We must offer rice and food to those who are hungry.”

Together, we can all share Grand Master’s dream of a better tomorrow.



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