• promote the wisdom and timeless Buddhist teachings in books written by LLCS founder Grand Master Sheng-Yen Lu (Living Buddha Lian Sheng)
  • annual scholarships to assist community-involved students pursuing post-secondary education
  • ESL classes to help new immigrants more comfortably adapt to English-speaking society
  • establishment of a computer training facility atVancouver’s Downtown East Education Centre
  • building schools in impoverished countries

Social Assistance

  • annual donations of rice to local food banks worldwide (theVancouverchapter has donated over 150,000 pounds to-date)
  • annualWinter Charity Driveproviding food, clothing, and personal care items to homeless shelters
  • free annual income tax preparation service for low- income residents
  • “Gift of Sight” campaign collected over 45,000 pairs of used eyeglasses forThird Worldcountries
  • international disaster relief (2009 Taiwan Typhoon Morokot, 2008 China Sichuan Earthquake, 2006 Hurricane Katrina, 2005 South Asia tsunami,  1999 Taiwan Earthquake, 1997 Manitoba Flood, 1996 China Yun-Nan earthquake)

Cultural Awareness

  • promote community and cultural awareness through support and participation in multicultural community events (SUCCESS “Walk with the Dragon”; world peace ceremonies)
  • promote community caring through volunteer visits to low-income senior homes and local childrens’ hospitals
  • provide language skills training in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese
  • free weekly Golden Mother Yoga classes

Medical Assistance

  • major contributor to Strathcona Community Children’s Dental Clinic
  • funding support to Doctors Without Borders,VancouverGeneralHospital & UBCHospitalFoundation
  • active supporter of BC Children’s Hospital, Canadian Cancer Society, Canadian Diabetes Association, and other charitable organizations locally, nationally, and internationally

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