LLCS Covid-19 Community Caring Drive


LLCS Covid-19 Community Caring Drive continues partnering with generous corporate sponsors, food warehouses, local food assistance groups, food distribution hubs to distribute much needed food to help unemployed, migrant workers and their families, seniors, new refugee, etc. Since April 2020, Lotus Light has already distributed over 320,000 lbs. of foods across the lower mainland, tens thousands of affected families and individual benefited from the program.

LLCS sincerely thanks all financial sponsors, corporate sponsors, community partners and all volunteers for your supports! (

New Progresses of LLCS Covid-19 Community Caring Drive

  • Lotus Light Covid-19 Emergency Soup Kitchen has served 4,000 meals to the homeless who are camping at the Stathcona Park since July this year.
  • Lotus Light Masks Drive has distributed 25,000 masks to seniors and low income families service organization, school and homeless shelters, which will be distributed free of cost to homeless, elderly, disabled, immune-impaired people and students in the community. Two third of the masks are fabric masks sewed by Lotus Light volunteers.
  • Lotus Light Students Hamper Program has donated 1,000 hampers to inner city school low income student programs to help low income student families.

You could directly donation to the Covid-19 program here via PayPal or Credit Card 

Support Lotus Light Covid-19 Community Caring Drive

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