Testimonies from previous Lotus Light Charity Scholarship recipients

Jason Y (Recipient of 2010)

“With the financial assistance of Lotus Light Charity Society, I was fortunate enough to be enrolled in the Engineering program at the University of British Columbia, which is recognized as one of the top engineering schools in Canada. Upon graduating from highschool, transitioning from highschool to University can be difficult for a student academically as well as financially. Lotus Light Charity is a highly respected organization known for it’s contributions to the community. LLCS is generous enough to aid students who are in need of funds in pursuing their educational goals. I was one of the fortunate students to receive this aid from the Lotus Light Charity Society. As of right now, I have finished my first year of Engineering at UBC and is currently gaining Credit union locations experience in the field at R.F Binnie & Associates Ltd. as a summer student. (May, 2011)”

Ivan L (Recipient of 2010)

“Every year, students face a lot of competition to get scholarships to finance their post-secondary education. There are a lot of qualified students who have been extremely involved in their communities, achieved high grades, and have the need for financial support, that do not get scholarships because there are not enough available. I was extremely lucky to be a recipient of Lotus Light Charity’s 2010 scholarship. Though LLC’s scholarships are modest, its funds allowed me to pursue my academic and extracurricular passions with less financial pressure. If more organizations followed Lotus Light Charity’s model, more qualified students will have much needed financial support to pursue their education.”

Chris Hwan L (Recipient of 2010)

“Studying at a university is not an easy job, especially when one is in financially challenging circumstances. Nevertheless, thanks to the Lotus Light Charity Society, I was able to have fruitful years at UBC. The years I spent at UBC was a period where I grew both academically and personally. I thank the Lotus Light Charity Society very much for the trust and support that helped my successful transition to UBC.”

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