Thank-You Letters From LLCS Mu-Shu Lee Memorial Scholarship Award Recipients

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Thank-You Letters From LLCS Mu-Shu Lee Memorial Scholarship Award Recipients

In honor of her late father, Mr. Mu-Shu Lee, Master Lian Tzi has established the Lotus Light Charity Society Mu-Shu Lee Memorial Scholarships since 2013, to support outstanding students in Buddhist Study, Education, Social Services, Pharmacy or Medical Science at the University of British Columbia. 19 students have been awarded the Mu-Shu Lee Scholarships in the past 4 years.

In the Charity’s annual Christmas party,  Master Lian Tzi presented the Mu-Shu Lee Scholarship certificate to Ms. Alyssa Howren, recipient in Pharmaceutical Sciences  Master of Science program UBC .

Ms. Alyssa Howren, UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences MS student, received a certificate from Master Lian Tzi.

The 2016 Winter (2016-2017) Mu-Shu Lee Scholarship recipients are:

  • Touraj Khosravi, in Medical Science Study, UBC, Ph. D program Year 2
  • Jake Palmour (undergrad year 3) and Nicole Newton (undergrad year 4) in Social Works study at UBC
  • Alyssa Howren, in Pharmaceutical Sciences Study at UBC, Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences program Year 2

UBC Awards Development issued a Certificate of Appreciation to recognize Master Lian Tzi’s contribution in supporting UBC students in 2016

Certificate of Appreciation issued by UBC Awards Development to Master Lian Tzi

Alyssa Howren presented a Thank-you Card to Master Lian Tzi:

Thank-you Card to Master Lian Tzi from Alyssa Howren, Mu-Shu Lee Scholarship recipient in Pharmaceutical Science Study UBC

A Thank-you letter emailed to Master Lian Tzi from Jake B. Palmour, recipient in Social Study UBC:

Dear Master,

I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude for receiving the scholarship that you donated to the University of British Columbia.
My studies are the utmost importance to me, and with this award I have been reinvigorated with confidence to continue on with this challenging journey.
I applaud the efforts of your congregation, which will undoubtedly assist in building a better community, and society. Through education we can empower ourselves to promote better outcomes for all.
I hope to repay this generous scholarship after graduation, by working within the community to empower and encourage both Indigenous and non-Indigenous People to follow in the footsteps of community leaders such as your organisation.
Thank you very much.

Kind regards,
Jake B. Palmour


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