Winter Charity Drive

Lotus Light Youth Brings Winter Jackets and Foods with Warm Care to People in Need on the Street

Lotus Light Youth Brings Winter Jackets and Foods with Warm Care to People in Need on the Street

Lotus Light Youth Group is an active young volunteer team made up a group of enthusiastic high school students. They have frequently joined Lotus Light community care activities using their holiday, school break and weekend time to help the vulnerable people in DTES community. In the afternoon of Jan 8, 2022, young students went out with warm winter jackets and blankets, pastries, fruit, snacks and Starbuck hot coffee in pushing carts to the street, to bring warmth and care to un-housed people who are suffering as extreme temperatures drive shelters over capacity.

Lotus Light Extreme Weather Alert (EWA) Response team has already organized four emergency distributions of new blankets, winter jackets, care packages, fruit drinks, hot chocolates and hot coffee, snacks and fruits, sandwiches and hot lunch boxes to help un-housed people during the extreme cold weather and blasts of Arctic air around 2022 New Year, this is the fifth EWA Response distribution. Volunteers started from East Hastings Street to Main Street, and to the Vancouver viaduct to distribute brand new winter jackets, blankets with warm drink and snacks to un-housed people living on the street and under the viaduct bridge.

“Through learning and caring, we help to build a better tomorrow.” Community participation helps our youth become empathetic citizens. We are seeking volunteers to join our charity programs! For more information on Lotus Light Charity Society’s various programs, please contact us by email at, telephone at 604-685-5548, or online at Lotus Light Charity Society is a registered charity: BN 14110-4893-RR0001.


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