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Lotus Light Charity Kitchen Prepares Special Meals for Disadvantaged Groups to Celebrate Chinese New Year

On February 9th, New Year’s Eve festivities commenced as Chinese families gathered together in anticipation of the Year of the Dragon.

Lotus Light Charity Kitchen orchestrated a sumptuous pork chop dinner, featuring pan-fried pork chops, assorted vegetables, bottled water, and fresh fruit, which was distributed to the homeless residing in the Osborn Shelter and the Crab Park tent city.

The individuals who received the charity meals expressed their gratitude and joy, acknowledging the significance of the specially prepared New Year’s Eve dinner. They conveyed their heartfelt thanks by wishing “Gong Xi Fa Cai” to the volunteers who delivered the meals.

Lotus Light Charity Kitchen diligently prepares 200 complimentary charity meals each week, which are then distributed to low-income seniors residing in SRO low-cost apartments in Downtown Eastside Vancouver, as well as to homeless individuals living in shelters and the Crab Park encampment. Since the summer of 2020, over 30,000 meals have been prepared and distributed.

Lotus Light warmly welcomes generous contributions from individuals and businesses alike to sustain our charitable endeavors and continue providing support to disadvantaged groups within the community.

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