Lotus Light Charity’s “Survival Backpack” Pilot Project


Lotus Light Charity’s “Survival Backpack” Pilot Project

Lotus Light Charity Society (Vancouver) has launched a new pilot project Survival Backpacks in partnership with Vancouver’s first responders (police, paramedics, fire & rescue) to help the Downtown Eastside’s poorest and most vulnerable – men, women, youths, seniors and the homeless impacted by:

  • Hospital Discharge from medical emergencies or drug overdose — often individuals are suddenly discharged back into the community without any personal possessions (except for the clothing on their backs), with no form of adequate housing or healthcare supports, leaving them little hope for stability or chances to improve their circumstances
  • Emergency Disasters and Extreme Weather Alerts for street homeless / hard to house – (1) recent suspicious fires in the downtown eastside set to SRO buildings are leaving formerly housed people without adequate housing options except for temporary shelters or the streets; (2) anticipated extreme weather conditions for street homeless who does not want to go into temporary shelters.

The Charity hopes to provide Survival Backpacks to Vancouver’s first responders who will then in turn distribute these directly to the impacted recipient, at the time and place when the individual is in most need of this care.

Each Survival Backpack will contain the following: Backpack, small umbrella, flashlight, Blanket, Hygiene Kit, socks, toque, scarf, gloves, etc. (plus underwear/T-shirt/hoodie/sweat pant, Bus fare & gift card to McDonald’s or Tim Hortons for a full Survival Backpack.) Total Estimated per Backpack = $150

All funds raised will be 100% directed to this project. A charitable tax receipt will be issued for donation over $20. We accept donations by cheque or credit card online (through PayPal) at http://www.vllcs.org/en/donation/ Please send cheque donations payable to “Lotus Light Charity Society” and reference “Survival Backpacks Sponsorship” to: 

Lotus Light Charity Society 
200-357 East Hastings St. 
Vancouver, BC V6A 1P3 

Lotus Light Charity Society is urgently seeking public sponsorship support towards 100 Survival Backpacks ($150 x 100) to be distributed by Vancouver first responders during the cold winter and rainy spring season (Winter 2023 – Spring 2024). Would you consider giving hope and support to the most vulnerable people in our community today?

For further information about Lotus Light Charity Society’s programs, please contact:  Sean X. Ouyang, Phone: 604-685-5548, Email: llcsvancouver@gmail.com or visit our website http://www.vllcs.org.

In the spirit of its motto “Through caring and learning, we help to build a better tomorrow” Lotus Light Charity Society (Vancouver) is a registered non-profit charity dedicated to helping the most vulnerable in our local community (non-profit registration # BN14110-4893-RR0001).



 “Discharging individuals from hospital directly to shelters or the street is common … in
Canada, clients get “dumped into the community” through discharge to shelters or the street
without any discharge planning around housing and community supports. However, some North
American research clearly shows that when coordinated discharge planning for homeless
individuals occurs, it leads to decreases in hospital visits, supports housing stability, is cost-effective and is possible using a systems-approach that integrates sectors through the implementation of evidence-based practices. Yet, despite this literature showing the positive outcomes of coordinated discharge, inappropriate or incomplete discharge practice is a common occurrence for individuals experiencing homelessness.”

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