Food Recovery

Lotus Light Charity Society Donated 3,000 Pounds of Fruits, Vegetables, and Other Food Products to Support the Community

In mid-April 2023, the Lotus Light Charity Society collaborated with a food and grocery supplier to donate over 3,000 pounds of canned vegetables, fruits, dried food, and dairy products to charitable organizations and individuals, including low-income families and community kitchens.

As a part of our Food Recovery program, Lotus Light Charity Society works closely with community partners and food wholesalers throughout the year to recover otherwise wasted produce and food items, and donate them to the homeless and those struggling financially. We hope that by donating essential meal ingredients to low-income families and individuals, we can help lighten their burdens. Particularly since the beginning of the pandemic, charity organizations and community kitchens serving low-income individuals have reported an increasing number of people seeking assistance due to inflation and rising prices of basic food items. You can only feed half the amount of people now compared to prior years at the same budget. The weekly donations from Lotus Light Charity Society have helped ease this situation.

However, the staff at the Lotus Light Charity Society office revealed that the weekly donations are falling short of meeting the daily demand. We call upon the kindness and generosity of all who are capable and willing, including companies and stores, to make donations of any amount. Every contribution is greatly appreciated and will make an immeasurable difference in helping those in need.

We welcome any who wish to provide support and are interested in knowing more about our activities to visit: Tel: 604-685-5548  Email: Government charity registration number: BN 14110-4893-RR0001.

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