Golden Lake Seafood Restaurant Sponsors LLCS December Meals for the Homeless, and Our Tremendous Appreciation to Every Sponsor of the Event this Entire Year

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Golden Lake Seafood Restaurant Sponsors our December Meals for the Homeless
Our Tremendous Appreciation to Every Sponsor of the Event this Entire Yeargolden-lake-logo-post

With Christmas just around the corner, December is indeed a festive month. While everyone is busy shopping and preparing for celebrations with their families and loved ones in mind, Vancouver Lotus Light Charity Society had in mind the homeless and the ones in need of help.

On December 17 at 1PM, VLLCS held their monthly Meals for the Homeless Event at their usual venue, the Oppenheimer Park. Despite the freezing air outside at -4 degrees, many people started lining up well before the starting time. For Christmas and for the last Meals Event of the year, VLLCS President Master Vajra Lian Tzi specifically emphasised that the menu for this event should be a comprehensive and unforgettable one.
We were fortunate and priveledged to receive the generous support and donations from Golden Lake Seafood Restaurant (3555 East Hastings St.) and its owner Alan, for this menu. This menu included chicken fried rice, beef rice, BBQ pork rice, soy sauce fried noodles and Dim Sum, along with bagged chips, candies, bottled water and boxed juices generously donated by Save-On-Foods Grandview.
With even a long line up, the 250 sets of this delicious menu were distributed in no time.


We were very honoured to have the owner of the sponsoring restaurant, Alan and his family to join us and help with the food distribution this month. Alan even had the meals specially wrapped in newspapers inside the containing boxes to preserve heat, and make sure each meal will be served hot.
We sincerely thank Alan and his Golden Lake Seafood Restaurant for all the effort and donations.

Throughout 2016, VLLCS has been distributing meals to approximately 250 homeless or low income residents of the Downtown Eastside community every month, through the Meals for the Homeless Program. We are extremely grateful to receive support and donations from a large number of restaurants, including Golden Lake Seafood Restaurant, Phnom Penh Restaurant, Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant, Gingeri Chinese Cuisine, Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant, Prince Seafood Restaurant, Continental Seafood Restaurant, Kent’s Kitchen Chinatown, Terra Breads, Ferry Market and Donald’s Market.
This now popular program among the community could not have happened and continued, without our compassionate sponsors.

VLLCS has been supplying hot meals to the homeless and the impoverished once a month at the Oppenheimer Park since 2015, when the project was initiated by VLLCS President Master Vajra Lian Tzi. While the project received complimentary feedback from the community, VLLCS received the following thank you card from the management team of Oppenheimer Park.


Vancouver Lotus Light Charity Society’s Meals for the Homeless Program will continue once a month at the Oppenheimer Park throughout 2017. We welcome donations of any amount to support the lives of the homeless and impoverished. Donations can be made via PayPal or credit card at our website at Your donation is much appreciated and needed to help us continue offering this widely accepted program in the community. For more details, feel free to email us at, or call us at 604-685-5548.

(Vancouver Lotus Light Charity Society is a non-profit organisation registered with the Government of Canada, registration number: BN14110-4893-RR0001. A tax receipt will be issued for donation amounts that are $20 or over)

Sponsor our Meals for the Homeless Program today!

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