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On September 5, 2020, Mary, a Lotus Light Charity Volunteer who had not been around the charity for awhile because of the Covid-19 pandemic, decided to visit the Charity to pick up a free mask. However, she learned that due to health and safety regulations, only invited representatives of low-income service organizations could come onsite to receive masks. The volunteers also explained that the charity had been just as active as before the start of the pandemic while running multiple programs to help individuals affected by the crisis. Mary was then invited to join the charity kitchen volunteer team to cook simple meals for the homeless every week.

The following week, Mary rushed to Lotus Light Kitchen early in the morning to help cook a variety of meals such as baked pork chops, mashed potatoes, macaroni, and an egg, tomato, and lettuce salad. Not only were all the dishes made with quality ingredients and delicious, but  most importantly, they were made with love.  Mary was so surprised and impressed at how well the volunteers cooked.  “I cannot believe that you cooked all these wonderful dishes on your own!” she marveled.

It turns out that as soon as the charity kitchen had been established, the charity volunteers had gone to class to obtain their food safety certificates in order to become chefs to prepare meals for those in need. With their dedication and love, the meal program has been a success!


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