Charity Soup Kitchen Hotmeal for Homeless

Lotus Light Distributes Hot Meals Celebrate the Advent of Mother’s Day

Coming into May in Vancouver, we experienced the first heat wave of 2023. To celebrate the advent of Mother’s Day, the volunteers of Lotus Light Charity Society distributed hot meals in the afternoon of May 12th for the LLCS Hot Meal for Homeless and Impoverished program.

For this charity event, the main course was pasta, with sausages and salad on the side, finishing off with fresh fruit – apples, bananas, pears, and Chinese cream buns and cake for dessert. Bottles of water were also passed out to help keep everyone hydrated and cool amid this sweltering weather. In the hearts and minds of vancouverites, especially those of low-income and vulnerable groups, the Lotus Light Charity Society has been deeply imprinted in their minds as a paragon of magnanimity and great cuisine.

Everyone that came to receive meals was very well-mannered, and the event was a great success; there were smiles and joyful banter all around, and we even met a retired veteran who shared stories of his past. The atmosphere of the event was truly heart-warming, and we believe everyone presents had their appetites and hearts satisfied.

Offering a helping hand to those in need has always been an honorable virtue, so dedicate your life to fostering a loving and compassionate heart. When doing good deeds, it propagates further good deeds, letting everyone involved to share in a sense of joy, pride, and satisfaction. We at the Lotus Light Charity Society are striving to bring happiness to everyone we meet, and are ready to welcome any kind-hearted volunteers to join our cause to help those in need and champion the virtues that we strive to uphold.

We welcome any who wish to provide support and are interested in knowing more about our activities to visit:, Tel: 604-685-5548 Email: Government charity registration number: BN 14110-4893-RR0001.

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