Covid-19 Community Caring Drive

Lotus Light Helps Vulnerable New Immigrants with Donation of 10,000 Pounds of Instant Noodles

Lotus Light Helps Vulnerable New Immigrants with Donation of 10,000 Pounds of Instant Noodles

On September 24th 2021, Lotus light Charity Society Vancouver donated around 10,000 pounds of instant noodles to five charities and non-profit organizations who are helping recent immigrants, low-income seniors, women and children, and other vulnerable groups across Metro Vancouver.

Godwin Ude, founder of Kingdom Acts Foundation in Surrey, one of the recipient organizations, told our volunteers that they are currently serving more than five thousand low income residents, a majority them immigrant families from Haiti, Africa, Afghanistan, and South America. Many of them have many children, limited job opportunities, little to no English skills, and various financial barriers. Ude said they were very happy to receive the noodles, because the food can at least help provide some short-term relief.

LLCS is working with other generous corporate sponsors and food warehouses to help Kingdom Acts Foundation as much as possible, especially since approximately 1,800 families recently lost access to an important food distribution centre of the Surrey Food Bank. This is particularly concerning for low-income families without access to cars, or who otherwise lack convenient transportation options to support services further away from their homes.

LLCS, through its Covid-19 Community Caring Drive, will continue partnering with generous corporate sponsors and donors, food warehouses, local food assistance groups, and food distribution hubs to distribute much-needed food as well as personal protection equipment to help people in need.

We are seeking volunteers to join our charity programs to help the most vulnerable in the DTES community. For more information on various Lotus Light’s charity programs, please contact us by email at, telephone at 604-685-5548, or our website at  Lotus Light Charity Society registered number:  BN 14110-4893-RR0001.

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