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Lotus Light Distributed 2,000 lbs of Vegan Hot Dog to Help the Needy

Lotus Light Distributed 2,000 lbs of Vegan Hot Dog to Help the Needy

On Thursday October 14, Lotus Light has recovered 2,000 lbs of Vegan Hot Dog with a retail Value of $25,000 and distributed to organizations serving the vulnerable populations across Metro Vancouver. Recipient organizations include SFU Student Centre, Burnaby Neighbourhood House, Our Lady of Sorrows Church food assistant group for families and migrant workers, Thunderbird Elementary, Coquitlam / Surrey low-income families, UBC Sprout student group, First United Church and Chinese Community Policing Centre.

Lotus Light Charity Community Kitchen also used the Vegan Hot Dog to prepare hot meals to serve the over one hundred low-income seniors living in the nearby SROc buildings.

LLCS Food Recovery Program has been running more than 10 years ago, starting with weekly bread pickup from a North Van bakery to support a varity of charity programs. Most recently, through collaboration with food recovery networks, and many food warehouse and food manufacturers, the program has delivered over a hundred of thousands of pounds of valuable food to inner-city school children, low income families, seniors and homeless each month in partnership with local food producers, distributors and community agencies.

LCS Covid-19 Community Caring Drive will continue partnering with generous corporates, food warehouses, local food assistance groups, food distribution hubs to distribute much needed food as well as personal protection equipment to help people in need in our community. We are seeking volunteers to join our charity programs. For more information on various Lotus Light!|s charity programs, please contact us by, Tel: 604-685-5548, or visit lotus light website:  Lotus Light Charity Society registered number:  BN 14110-4893-RR0001.

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