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Lotus Light Emergency Kitchen Expands Service to Help Homeless Starting in March

Lotus Light Emergency Kitchen Expands Service to Help Homeless Starting in March

As a DTES community kitchen has recently stopped meal service and started renovation, many homeless in the community needs to find new meal service. Starting from March 2022, Lotus Light Charity Kitchen expands the meals delivery to help homeless in the community. Besides supporting low income seniors living in DTES SRO, Lotus Light kitchen now also provide extra 100 meals a week to support homeless in the community and to those living in the new Osborne Shelter. The meal includes Chinese hot lunch box, bottle water, fruits and snacks. “Thank you for Lotus Light’s meal support,” Molly supervisor of Osborne Shelter praised Lotus Light.

Homeless advocate Fiona York, advocate for community homeless praises Lotus Light charity kitchen’s meal support, “That’s wonderful! Thank you so much!”

Lotus Light had run the “Hot Meal for the Homeless” program for many years with the support from local generous restaurants and private sponsors. As the Pandemic started and many restaurant closed, Lotus Light established the emergency Kitchen in the summer of 2020 to meet the urgent meals need of vulnerable groups in downtown east side (DTES) community. More than 20,000 meals have been prepared and distributed to help the vulnerable community since then.

For the Covid-19 Community Caring Drive, LLCS will continue partnering with generous corporate sponsors, food warehouses, local food assistance groups, and food distribution hubs to distribute much needed food to help people in need in our community. For more information on Lotus Light’s various charity programs, please contact us by email at, telephone at 604-685-5548, or visit our website:  Lotus Light Charity Society’s registered number:  BN 14110-4893-RR0001.


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