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Lotus Light Launches Winter Charity Drive 2023 to Support the Vulnerable in our Community

October 9 – 15, is the 2023 Homelessness Action Week! Lotus Light is launching 2023 Annual Winter Charity Drive campaign and asking public supports to help the most vulnerable in our community.

Since its founding, Lotus Light Charity Society has worked to preserve the humanitarian spirit with which Grandmaster Lu established this organization. Being in the heart of downtown eastside (DTES), Lotus Light has focused many of its efforts over the years in supporting the local homeless population. The annual Winter Charity Drive, which has been ongoing for the past 28 years, is one of such initiatives to help the vulnerable in our community. This event strives to provide tangible support to the homeless in the form of food, clothing, and other miscellaneous supplies that will be essential in weathering the cold winter months. 

Furthermore, this event hopes to foster a sense of community and belonging for the homeless individuals who may feel a strong sense of stigma and isolation. For this reason, various leaders and members of our community are invited to join the event to connect with and show support for the homeless and remind them that there are people who care for and sympathize with them.


As our provincial and municipal government continue their mission to abate homelessness and reform societal aspects to prevent further homelessness, Lotus Light is proud to do their part to contribute by spreading awareness of the homeless, while alleviating some of their struggles.


Care Packages for the Homeless

In the midst of the cost-of-living crisis, it’s becoming increasing difficult to make ends meet and maintain the financial leeway necessary for philanthropic expenses, but Lotus Light implores you to spare what you can for the homeless who are similarly experiencing the adverse effects of this crisis as donations become sparser. The Lotus Light 2023 Winter Charity Drive donation presentation is set for December 16, Lotus Light is now actively seeking public support in the form of monetary donations and in-kind donations from corporations, companies, and individuals. Lotus Light expresses their utmost gratitude for their current supporters and any who would like to provide support for their annual event.


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Thank You For Your Support!


Lotus Light Charity Society WCD 2023 Press Release

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