Charity Soup Kitchen

LLCS Donor Becomes Recipient

LLCS volunteers arrived at the Charity Kitchen before 10:00 am to ensure that meals would be ready by lunchtime. The volunteers all sought to prepare a special lunch meal for the homeless population: a western-style macaroni and tomato meat sauce lunch with seasonal pan-fried and diced veggies. 

Bronwyn, an official who has been working at Oppenheimer park for several years, expressed her admiration for the volunteers and their efforts to always offer a variety of thoughtful meals. As an act of reciprocity, park officials donated fresh produce received from other organizations to the LLCS to support the initiative to feed the hungry. 

LLCS volunteers joyfully remarked, “we were originally the donors and now we are also the recipients!” The LLCS is very grateful to be able to help community members in need, while also receiving donations and support from other organizations to keep our efforts going.  


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