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Lotus Light Distributes Over 3,000 Pounds of Vegan Steaks to Help People in Need

At the end of March, Lotus Light Charity Society received 3 pallets of vegan steaks, in total weighing over 3,000 pounds – a very generous donation from Very Good Butchers.

The donated food was distributed to 12 partner organizations that help vulnerable populations. Recipient organizations included Collingwood Neighbourhood House, Belkin House, Covenant House, DTES Distribution Hub, Aboriginal Front Door Society, Chinese Community Policing Centre, First United Church, UBC Sprout Student Food Bank, SFU Student Centre, Grace Mansion, Crab Park Homeless, and seniors and low-income families of the Downtown Eastside.

“We are so grateful for the boxes of plant-based meat that you so kindly shared with our community and we are further distributing the boxes of vegan steaks across our programs to continue on in the spirit of equity and sharing,” Grace Wampold, the food hamper program manager at Collingwood Neighbourhood House wrote in her Thank You letter.

For further information about Lotus Light Charity Society’s various programs, please email, or visit our website at  Lotus Light Charity Society (Vancouver) is a registered non-profit charity dedicated to helping the most vulnerable in our local community (non-profit registration # BN14110-4893-RR0001).



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