Community Caring Drive

Donations to the Community for Canada Day 2023

On the eve of Canada Day 2023, Lotus Light Charity Society made donations to five charitable organizations and community kitchens in Greater Vancouver that serve low-income and marginalized groups. The donations included over 5,000 pounds of food items such as cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, rice, pastries, bread, and canned goods, which were given to Guru Nanak Free Kitchen, Aboriginal Front Door Society, Distribution Hub, Strathcona Food Hub, and Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice.

Miss Ho, a volunteer from Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice, happily received the food donations and remarked that most of the elderly residents they serve don’t have family to care for them, and that they would surely be thankful for the thoughtful gifts. Since the organization started requesting food donations from us last year, Lotus Light has not only been donating various fruits, vegetables, and meat products on a weekly basis but has also provided charitable services such as arranging funerals and reciting scriptures for the elderly, receiving unanimous praise from volunteers and family members.

On the following days, it was predicted that we would experience extremely hot weather, so Lotus Light Charity Society also prepared 1,000 bottles of water to be distributed to street homeless and to help them combat heatstroke and dehydration.

In the meantime, Lotus Light is working on preparations for the Lotus Light Community Caring Day event on July 22, where numerous food and material items will be given out to community members at the temple’s front entrance. A free BBQ lunch will also be included at the event. Everyone is welcome to come and participate.

We welcome any who wish to provide support and are interested in knowing more about our activities to visit: Tel: 604-685-5548  Email: Government charity registration number: BN 14110-4893-RR0001.

Thank you letter to lotus light Jul4

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