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Highlight of Lotus Light Charity Society (Vancouver)’s 30 Years of Community Service and Charitable Contributions

Highlight of Lotus Light Charity Society (Vancouver)’s 30 Years of Community Service and Charitable Contributions

Lotus Light (COVID-19) Community Caring Drive: Lotus Light has organized and partnered with local food warehouses, manufacturers, distribution hubs, and assistance groups to distribute a total of 500,000 lbs of food to marginalized and low-income groups since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The relief project has benefited tens of thousands of low-income families, seniors, migrant workers, and other vulnerable residents who were affected by the pandemic in Metro Vancouver.

Lotus Light Annual Winter Charity Drive: Lotus Light has partnered with community organizations such as the Vancouver Police Department Homeless Outreach program, BC Ambulance Services, City of Vancouver’s Temporary Emergency Shelters, and other low-income family service organizations to provide comfort and support to homeless and low-income residents during the harsh winter months. Now in its 28th year, the program has distributed over 600,000 winter garments, food, and toiletries to street homeless and low-income individuals in the Lower Mainland.

Annual Rice Donation Program: In 2023, Lotus Light donated over 40,000 lbs of rice to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and other community organizations. The program has contributed over 380,000 pounds of rice to help people in need since 1995.

Lotus Light Community Caring Day: The first Lotus Light Charity Community Caring Day was officially proclaimed by the City of Vancouver in 2017, in recognition of Lotus Light’s community service. Now in its seventh year, the event provides free lunch, clothes, gifts, and food and daily necessities to DTES community members on an annual community caring day. Over 200,000 pieces of food items and supplies have been distributed.

Hot Meal for Homeless and Emergency Kitchen: Established in response to the urgent food needs of local vulnerable groups, the Lotus Light Kitchen program has prepared and distributed over 30,000 free and nutritious meals to help the homeless in the community and low-income seniors living in DTES social housing buildings since 2020.

LLCS Food Recovery Program: Lotus Light has partnered with food warehouses, restaurants, bakeries, and grocery chains to support low-income families, new immigrants, and other vulnerable groups, rescuing 600,000 lbs of much-needed nutritious food from going into landfills. In 2023, the Lotus Light Charity Society was nominated by Second Harvest – Canada’s largest food rescue organization – for the Frontline Impact award.

Lotus Light Children Assistance Plan (CAP): The program provides food and household items, including hampers and grocery shopping gift cards, to help inner-city school students from low-income families. The program has distributed over 30,000 lbs of food and $20,000 worth of gift cards to help students from low-income families in inner-city schools since 2021.

Lotus Light Charity Scholarships: The Lotus Light National Scholarship and the (UBC) Lotus Light Mu-Shu Lee Memory Scholarship have supported over 300 financially disadvantaged students who have achieved distinguished academic excellence.

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