Lotus Light Makes Donations to Inner-City Schools in September

 As a new school year begins in September, the Lotus Light Charity Society begins preparations for their Children Assistance Plan (CAP). Food supplies are organized and marked for donation to inner-city schools where many students from low-income families attend.

Ever since 2013, Lotus Light has strived to aid financially disadvantaged students to ensure their academic experience will not suffer due to their financial circumstances, allowing these students an equal opportunity to comfortably develop their talents. Since the inception of Lotus Light’s children assistance program, 60,000 pounds of food items have been donated to various inner-city schools in Vancouver. Other than food, Lotus Light occasionally donates backpacks, stationery, and other useful school-related equipment as well. Additionally, to further enrich the lives of these students, Lotus Light began donating gift cards since 2021, totaling $20,000.

Currently, Lotus Light regularly donates to roughly a dozen schools, with priority given to elementary schools. This September, Lotus Light will be donating to Xpey’ Elementary and Strathcona Elementary. A total of 1,000 pounds of food items will be donated to these two schools combined, consisting of various dried foods, canned foods, snacks, and beverages.

The assistance that charitable organizations provide to schools and students from low-income families has become increasingly indispensable as inflation in recent years places a heavier burden on these families. Gift cards will be donated during this Christmas holiday season, and Lotus Light is actively requesting monetary donations from anyone who would like to support this initiative.

Aside from CAP, Lotus Light is preparing for their annual Winter Charity Drive, a large-scale event that focuses on helping the local homeless population. Any that are interested in our activities or wish to support our activities can visit our website: or contact us at Tel: 604-685-5548, Email: The Lotus Light Charity Society is a registered charitable organization with registration number BN 14110-4893-RR0001.

Sandy of Xpey' Elementary happily received donation Stephanie of Britannia Elementary received donation

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