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Lotus Light Volunteers Enjoy a Cozy Outdoor BBQ Picnic

On Saturday, September 2, at noon, Lotus Light hosted a large outdoor BBQ picnic at Lotus Light Monastery in Richmond. Nearly a hundred attendees – volunteers, and their family members – enthusiastically participated in the event, enjoying the delicious assortment of food, watching fellow participants put on performances, and reveling in the warm festive mood amidst a beautiful sunny day.

Preparations for the event began the day before, as volunteers were hard at work cleaning the venue, setting up canopies, assembling BBQ grills, testing the sound systems, marinating meat, and tending to the flowers, trees, and walkways.

The event received generous support from community partners such as Golden Seafood Restaurant, Prince Seafood Restaurant, Phnom Penh Restaurant and St. Germain Bakery, who graciously helped cater the event, providing trays of amazing Chinese cuisine and pastries. Our volunteers also prepared homemade snacks, desserts, and fresh fruit, serving as a light accompaniment. An abundance in variety and quantity left everyone very satisfied with the midday meal. While everyone was enjoying their food, fellow attendees put on performances to elevate the mood – some sang karaoke, some danced, and some engaged in simple party games. The volunteers humorously said, “We’re here to hear off-key songs and watch uncoordinated dances.” Indeed, the performances of fellow members were relatable, and entertaining to watch. Their enthusiastic performances garnered applause and laughter from the crowd, creating a memorable experience for us all.

Some volunteers remarked that because of their hectic work schedules, it’s often challenging to spend quality time with friends and family. However, this rare opportunity allowed them to relax and strengthen bonds between loved ones.

After the event, volunteers worked together to clean up the venue, and left while wishing each other a happy weekend, and looking forward to the next get-together.

Everyone is welcome to join Lotus Light and support the charity activities to help people in need. Those interested can visit our website: www.vllcs.org, or contact us at Tel: 604-685-5548, Email: llcsvancouver@gmail.com. Lotus Light Charity Society is a registered charitable organization with registration number BN 14110-4893-RR0001.

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