Lotus Light Donates Food Items to the Community

Lotus Light Charity Society continues distributing and donating food supplies to neighbouring charitable organizations to support the DTES community in the month of November.

On November 3, Lotus Light managed to recover 12 trays of high quality food graciously donated to us from a downtown hotel, which includes platters of eggs, sausages, sandwiches, stir-fried vegetables, and more. Lotus Light immediately arranged for these trays of food be donated to a neighbouring charity organization, the Aboriginal Front Door Society, so they may incorporate these foods into meals for the destitute and impoverished citizens in DTES. Additionally, Lotus Light donated some boxes of snacks and beverages to further enrich their rations. The donations were warmly received by a coordinator managing Aboriginal Front Door Society’s food truck which provides meals and snacks to nearby low-income or homeless individuals. The coordinator was delighted and gratefully expressed “Thank you so much! We will distribute this food to people right away.”

On November 8, Lotus Light invited two other charity organizations to receive some donations. One being the DTES Neighbourhood House which serves low-income or homeless individuals in DTES, and the other being the Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice which serves low-income immigrant seniors as well as youth. 

Lotus Light prepared donations of various food items for the two organizations, such as rice, vegetables, fruit juice, rice flour, taco shells, and canned foods, which came to a total of over 500 pounds of food between the two recipients.

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