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Lotus Light Emergency Kitchen Prepares Lunch Meals for Those in Need on a Snowy Day

Lotus Light Emergency Kitchen Prepares Lunch Meals for Those in Need on a Snowy Day

More than 25 cm of snow blankets Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley overnight, causing school closures and traffic chaos for commuters. On January 18th, Wednesday, as Vancouverites slowly recover from the near-record-setting snowfall, volunteers from Lotus Light Emergency Kitchen return to their routine meal preparation work despite transportation difficulties.

Lotus Light Emergency Kitchen, established in the spring of 2020 to support vulnerable groups in the community, prepares 100 meals twice a week for low-income seniors living in SRO social housing buildings and unhoused residents in encampments and shelters. Over 30,000 lunch meals have been prepared and distributed to people in need in the community.

Wednesday is their regular workday for preparing meals for low-income seniors. Volunteers overcome transportation challenges caused by canceled and delayed public buses due to snow and report back to work because vulnerable residents require more support from the community during this challenging time. When they see the delighted smiles of recipient group coordinators who come to pick up the meals, they are filled with happiness, knowing they are providing real assistance to those in need.

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