Highlights of LLCS Community and Charitable Activities 2014


Highlights of Lotus Light Charity Society Community and Charitable Activities:

Through Caring and Learning We Help to Build a better Tomorrow

Lotus Light Charity Society (Vancouver) was founded in 1993 by Buddhist Grandmaster Sheng-yen Lu. Under the leadership of Master Lian Tzi, the first president of International Lotus Light Charity Society (LLCS) from 1993 to 2007 and the president of the Vancouver chapter since 1993, the charity developed into a world renowned non-profit charitable organization with over 91 chapters throughout the world. LLCS has made significant contributions in the areas of educational advancement, medical assistance, social services development and cultural awareness to communities locally, national wise and through the world. Here is a nonexclusive list of the charity’s contribution to the communities.

Lotus Light Charity Society Special Programs

1993 – Present

Lotus Light Charity Society Scholarship has been providing scholarships annually to support financially disadvantaged students who have achieved distinguished academic excellence, over 200 students benefitted.

1995 – Present

LLCS (Vancouver) annual Winter Charity Drive has distributed over 280,000 winter garments to the homeless and low-income residents in the Lower Mainland, with over 30 beneficiary shelters and charity organizations.

1995 – Present

LLCS (Vancouver) annual Rice Donation Program has contributed over 250,000 pounds of rice to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and other charity societies, with a total of more than 100,000 beneficiary families over 19 years.

1996 – Present

LLCSV has been holding free ESL Classes to help integrate new immigrants and low-income Canadians, with a total of over 20 teachers and 1,000 students, comprising the largest non-government-funded free ESL program in Vancouver.

1997 – Present

LLCSV has been providing free Tax Return Filing Service for the low-income families over 17 years, benefiting over 2000 citizens.

1999 – Present

LLCSV has been serving the local community with free weekly Golden Mother Yoga classes, to promote individual health and vitality. Today, free Golden Mother Yoga classes are taught throughout the world, benefitting multitudes in communities in the U.S.A., Canada, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

2009 – Present

LLCSV Sleeping Bag Campaign has been partnered with Vancouver Police Department Homeless Outreach Program, BC Ambulance Service and other community service centers, distributed over 3,000 new sleeping bags to help homeless and low-income residents in the Lower Mainland during Vancouver’s winter seasons.

Charity Contributions by year:

2014       donation USD$50,000 to SYL Foundation, Lotus Scholarship Program 2014-2015 Academic year

2014       Lotus Light Charity Society has donated 2500 Lbs of grocery food and produce and $5,000 dairy products for the 2013-2014 school year to Strathcona Community Center’s Food Security for Children which supports 150 children (and their siblings and parents).

2013       donated $10,000 of medical supplies to Canadian Medical Assistance Teams’ Philippines Typhoon               Relief.

2012       donated 700 Sleeping Bags 700 Winter Care Packages and 5,000 personal care items to 8 family service centers and shelters in 2012 Lotus Light Winter Charity to help homeless and low income families in the Lower-Main Vancouver.

2011       Donation USD$10,000 to SYL Foundation, Lotus Scholarship Fund

2011       Donation $3,000 to Sincere Care Society for the Elderly (Vancouver)

2011       fundraised $7,000 of Emergency Funds to support the Canadian Medical Assistance Teams’ (CMAT) purchase of a water purification unit for a small village affected by the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami disaster and a nuclear crisis.

2011       distributed 1,000 Sleeping Bags to Vancouver Police Department Homeless Outreach Program, BC Ambulance Service and local homeless shelters in the Lower Mainland in Sleeping Bag Campaign

2011       Donated 7,000 non-perishable food and hygiene items and 1,000 items of Children’s clothing to 9 family service centers and shelters in 2011 Lotus Light Winter Charity Drive

2010       LLCSV and partners donated 20,000 Lbs of rice and cash in a total value of $15,000 to “Heat to Heart Haiti” Orphanage in Grand Groave, Haiti for Earthquake Relief.

2010       donated $4,000 Earthquake Relief Fund to the earthquake Victims in Yu Shu, Gan Shu, China.

2010       Donated $4,000 to City of Vancouver to rebuild the Ceremony Burners in Mountain View Cemetery

2010       distributed 1,000 sleeping bags to the homeless and low-income families of the Lower Mainland. Recipient organizations include the Vancouver Police Department’s Winter Blanket Drive Program, and 6 other local community service centres and homeless shelters in annual Sleeping Bag Campaign

2009       donated $7,000 to Taiwan’s Typhoon Morakot Disaster Relief aid efforts.

2009       donated $1,000 to YWCA Crabtree Corner’s programs to support single mothers, children and families in need in the Downtown Eastside Vancouver.

2009       donated $1,000 to Strathcona Community Centre’s Food Security Program for Children

2009       donated $10,000 to SYL Foundation Lotus Scholarship Fund

2008       LLCSV and partners donated $30,000 to provide homes and shelters for the Sichuan China “512 Earthquake” victims.

2007       LLCS donated $10,000 to PTT Buddhist Society to build Senior Home and Hospice Care Centre.

2006       donated $20,000 to Quest Outreach Society to help establish a kitchen facility serving the homeless in Vancouver’s downtown eastside.

2006       donated $25,000 US in supporting the “Loving Cement Home Rebuilding” project for the tsunami disaster areas in Indonesia.

2006       fundraised $26,000 US to support the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund to provide disaster relief to areas stricken by Hurricane Katrina.

2005       LLCSV fundraised worldwide and distributed donations of $230,000 US to the devastated areas from the 2004 South Asian Tsunami to rebuild a village in Indonesia that became known as the “True Buddha Lotus Light Village”.

2001-2003            LLCSV donated $4,500 to VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation.

2001       LLCSV donated $20,000 to the Strathcona Community Children’s Dental Clinic in Vancouver.

2001       donated $10,000 to Doctors Without Borders Canada.

2001       donated $1,000 to Global Chinese Press.

2000 – 2002          LLCSV “Gift of Sight” campaign collected over 45,000 pairs of used eye-glasses for refurbishing and shipment to Third World Countries.

1999       donated $100,000 for the “921 Earthquake” relief efforts in Taiwan.

1999       The representative of LLCSV took the lead in donating $3,000 on-site at a live TV fundraiser for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

1999       LLCSV donated wheelchairs to the BC Poliomyelitis Association and Vancouver General Hospital.

1999       LLCSV provided free meal service to “A Loving Spoonful” AIDS patients.

1998       LLCSV fundraised $30,000 for flood relief in China, Jiang Xi.

1997       LLCSV donated $10,000 to flood relief aid in the Province of Manitoba, Canada.

1997       LLCSV donated $5,500 to the Children’s Foundation in Vancouver.

1997       LLCSV donated new computers and software systems to help establish a computer training facility at Vancouver’s Downtown East Education Centre.

1996       fundraising for the St. Vincent’s Hospital to purchase a Medical Laser Equipment and for Children Playground Innovation Program of Oppenheimer Park

1995       LLCSV assisted with $10,000 for disaster relief in the Republic of Rwanda.

1994       LLCSV donated $5,500 to BC Children’s Hospital

To learn more about the Lotus Light Charity Society, please visit our web site, http://vllcs.org

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