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Earlier this year in May, Master Lian Tzi gathered a group of volunteers to cultivate a piece of farmland with hopes to grow fresh seasonal organic vegetables that can be used by the Charity Kitchen to prepare meals for the vulnerable population.

Not only did donations go towards helping the LLCS establish an organic garden, the donations were also used to purchase fresh, high-quality meat and eggs to ensure that the nutritional needs of the homeless population were being met.

In addition to the self-grown organics, the LLCS Charity Kitchen was lucky to have one volunteer who went above and beyond to support the program. Amy, an extremely kind-hearted volunteer, would weekly donate various fresh vegetables to the LLCS kitchen. Despite Amy’s challenges with her health, Amy commits to helping the LLCS despite her long busy day commuting between her Richmond home and her workplace in North Vancouver. 

The day before the charity kitchen distributes meals to the homeless, Amy would commute to the farms to purchase fresh eggs and organic veggies and would carry these items on a two-hour transit ride across three bus zones to personally deliver these items to the LLCS kitchen. 

The LLCS would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Amy for all that she has done for the cause. We are so grateful to have you as a volunteer. Thank you, Amy!

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