Covid-19 Community Caring Drive

Lotus Light Emergency Food Hub Helping People in Need in the Community

Lotus Light Emergency Food Hub Helping People in Need in the Community

“Thank you so much!” Ms. Diane Phillips, Vice-Principal of Gladstone Secondary School expressed her thanks to Lotus Light for the support to school programs helping vulnerable students. Ms. Phillips said that there are over 70 students registered in their hampers and lunch program in Gladstone, 20 of them are in a situation of higher need. “The gift cards will be a great help for the school program. The students will be benefited with the food items too.” Voiced Ms. Phillips.

On January 7, Lotus Light Emergency Food Hub distributed gift cards to support the students from low-income families in Gladstone Secondary School and John Oliver Secondary School. This Lotus Light Care program for high school student is a part of the Lotus Light Emergency Food Hub.

Since the program started in December last year, LLCS Emergency Food Hub has served nearly 2,000 free meals to those in need, and distributed food hampers to low income families and students, and distributed gift cards for single parent families and students from low income families. “I wanted to say, ‘Thank you from the bottom of my heart!’. They couldn’t have come at a better time.” Single parent Erin wrote in her Thank You email to the charity.

Lotus Light Charity Society’s Care Program for Single Parents program is now accepting applications for the month of February of 2021 by emails only at this email address: The deadline for February’s applications has been extended to: 9pm Saturday, January 16th, 2021.

Due to the huge influx of single parents applying for the Vancouver branch of the Lotus Light Charity Society’s Care Program for Single Parents during the COVID-19 pandemic, the board of the Charity has decided to increase the budget and expand this program until the end of March 2021!

Please provide a brief description of you and your family and why you should be selected. Most importantly, be sure to include your address.

Due to the current situation, only selected applicants will be contacted to receive the gift cards through the regular postal system.

Thanks to the support from the Government of Canada and United Way Lower Mainland, Lotus Light forms the Lotus Light Emergency Food Hub in December last year to help single parents families, high school students from low income families, and to provide free meals to help the homeless population in DTES community.

Lotus Light Covid-19 Emergency Food Hub is a member of the United Way Food Hubs funded by the Government of Canada and administered by the United Way Lower Mainland.

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