Donate Now to Support Children Assistance Plan! Lotus Light Donation Helps Inner City Schools Students in September

Donate Now to Support Children Assistance Plan!

Lotus Light Donation Helps Inner City Schools Students in September

The the prices of house necessities including foods and household cleaning items keep rising due to inflation. The sharp increase in the price of daily necessities and food make it even harder for the parents of low-income families with kids attending schools to find enough foods for thir kids and pay their bills. Lotus Light Children Assistance Plan (CAP) came to their help and donated 4000 pieces of house necessities in late September to 6 schools’ student food programs help low-income families.

Schools that received donation including Gladstone Secondary, John Oliver Secondary, Thunderbird Elementary, Seymour Elementary, Xprey’ Elementary and Strathcona Elementary School. Items donated including kid’s milk drink, tuna snacks, instant noodle, seaweed snack, crackers and nutrient bars, spice and cookies mix, Orange Juice, Macaroni & Cheese Dinner, Laundry Liquid Detergent.

Janey Lee, the senior teacher of Thunderbird Elementary expressed her sincere thanks to Lotus Light, “Thank you for the donation from Lotus Light. It’s amazing. These foods and laundry detergent could help many families.”

Donate Now to Support Children Assistance Plan!

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Lotus Light Children Assistance Plan (CAP) program donates dry foods and household items regularly to help students from low-income family in our inner-city schools. Lotus Light Charity Society relies on the generosity and support of corporate and individual sponsors, as well as our community partner organizations, to provide monetary and in-kind donations to support Lotus Light’s various programs and initiatives that help those in need in our community. With just $10 donation, you could help one student form low-income family. For information on Lotus Light’s “Children Assistance Plan” programs, please contact us by email at, telephone at 604-685-5548, or visit our website: Lotus Light Charity Society’s registered number: BN 14110-4893-RR0001.


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