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Lotus Light Charity Society Offer Free Cloth Masks to Non-profit Organizations to Distribute to the Needy

Press Release Aug. 16, 2020

Lotus Light Charity Society Offer Free Cloth Masks to Non-profit Organizations to Distribute to the Needy

Entering August, BC government has, once again, extended the state of emergency to fight the Covid-19. Businesses in the province are in phase three and people are trying hard to get back to their normal life. However, as there is still no medicine to cure the infection of the coronavirus, and there is currently no vaccine to prevent infection of the virus, experts have called for people to wear masks and maintain safe social distance when going out. Dr Theresa Tam, Canadian’s top public health officer, warned that physical distancing and mask wearing could be in place for two to three years. In BC province, masks are now becoming mandatory in more locations, including grocery chain Wal-Mart and public transportation BC Transit. Masks will become one of the life necessities to people for a long time.

Although masks are a must for life during pandemic, they are still a luxury for families living below the poverty line. “As a government-registered charity, it is the right thing to step forward and help the less fortunate group in the community when the country and community need it”, said Master Lian Tzi, president of the Lotus Light Charity Society.

Recently, Lotus Light Charity has urgently mobilized volunteers to quickly sew more than 10,000 cloth masks and to distribute them for free to low-income families, schools, nursing homes, orphanages, shelters, and to the needy in Metro Vancouver. The Lotus Light Charity Society will hold a “Pandemic Relief Donation Presentation” on September 5, 2020 in the activity hall of the charity, and donate free cloth masks to local food banks and non-profit organizations. For organization wishing to receive the free masks, please send enquiry to Lotus Light Charity Society: Tel: 604-685-5548, Fax 604-605-1002, Contact person: Ms. Teresa Fung, coordinator for the mask project, or by email to Lotus Light Charity Society is a registered charity (BN 14110-4893-RR0001). Thank you for your continue support during the pandemic!


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