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Covid-19 Relief: Lotus Light Donates to Inner City Schools

Covid-19 Relief: Lotus Light Donates to Inner City Schools

On October 6, 2020, Lotus Light Charity Society donated a batch of food and household necessities to Britannia Elementary School’s emergency food pantry program for low-income families.

According to program director Stephanie Digiacomo, over 40% of Britannia students come from families living below the poverty line. Many are from low-income or single-parent families, many of which have lost employment income due to the pandemic. Many do not have money to spare after paying for rent, utilities, and daily expenses; some cannot even afford three meals a day for their children. Consequently, they rely upon the food bank, the school, and other sources of assistance for food and household supplies.

In light of this situation, Lotus Light has allocated some charity funds to purchase daily necessities and nutritious foods to support the school’s program on a regular basis.

The donation received a warm response from the school. Digiacomo said in a statement:

“The household necessities and food donated by Lotus Light are very timely and applicable. Our family program just got some pasta from the food bank, but the families could not cook them because of lack of sauce. Lotus Light just donated several cases of pasta sauce to us at just the right time. And our program seldom gets donations for common household necessities. The liquid detergent donated by Lotus is very popular among students’ parents. We got dozens of boxes of canned food and breakfast cereals too. Thank you so much.”

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