Charity Soup Kitchen

Lotus Light Charity Kitchen — A Taste of Home

Lotus Light Charity Kitchen — A Taste of Home

These past few months, a group of volunteers have received food safety training and taken over the cooking shifts at the newly reorganized Charity Kitchen.

“Most of our volunteers are housewives,” says Teresa, the kitchen volunteer team leader. “They use what they have and cook for their families, so they are good at preventing waste and dealing with picky eaters! They also make people feel at home with their home-style dishes.”


“The most common food that I cook at home is mixed veggie stew,” says Linda, one of the volunteers. “I cook all kinds of veggies together, without extra salt or seasonings that may be unhealthy. Although it might not be as fancy as restaurant food, it is definitely more homey and heartwarming. After all, this is our loving family meal.”

Additionally, our volunteers can create a variety of delicious dishes. While Linda specializes in veggie stew, others make home-style snacks to add to the fun. Like a big family, everybody brings something unique to the table — and this ultimately helps make Lotus Light Charity Kitchen’s homey meals a one-of-a-kind experience that money cannot buy.

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