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According to a statement issued by Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam, there is an average of 1,572 new cases every day, with about 480 patients that need to be hospitalized, and a death rate of 8 people per day. Many of those who have experienced the first wave panic have now slowly become accustomed to it. Due to the pressure of survival, people have to go to work and go outside to run errands. Many malls and businesses have also opened up. All of these factors contribute to a greater risk of infection

Wearing masks has never been more important than at this time. The free cloth masks provided by the LLCS are loved by the community and organizations and as a result, are in short supply. Luo, a volunteer who sews cloth masks, said: “We make more than 100 cloth masks every day. I have been working on masks for nearly two months, and the workload has doubled compared to before retirement. However, when I see people wearing cloth masks made by myself on the street, I felt that even after retirement, I can still contribute to society.”

In order to slow the second wave of the pandemic, the Lotus Light Charity society is rushing to produce the second batch of cloth masks with the same volunteers that sewed the first batch. They have been working over more than two months without any monetary compensation. There are times where they contributed their own money by purchasing spools of threads and elastic bands just to save time. They never asked for reimbursement. These ordinary people, who are unknown , have become heroes during the pandemic by taking care of their family as well as helping society. Let us give our thumbs up to them and praise all of the volunteers who have been silently working behind the scenes.



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