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The new version of fabric masks is more comfortable and has a better seal for improved efficacy


The new version of fabric masks is more comfortable and has a better seal for improved efficacy.

The second batch of LLCS mask donations have been slightly modified and upgraded based on the experiences of the first batch after redesign and sampling. We adopted the functionality of N95 masks by increasing the curvature of the mask to ensure sufficient breathing space while enhancing the fit and aesthetic appearance. Softer and more flexible elastic bands minimize deformation of masks after multiple washings. Not only are the modified masks more practical, they will also feel more breathable.

Although the fabric masks have only undergone modest changes, the technical difficulty has increased significantly. It has been more than a month since the first batch of fabric masks was distributed.

According to the original plan, the second batch should have been completed within one month. However, during the sewing process, it was discovered that the production of this improved version of fabric masks was a challenge for the average homemaker. Even a tailor volunteer who had worked in a garment factory for over 20 years could only finish 13 masks at most in an hour, whereas before she could make at least 25 an hour. With the average volunteer being less efficient, some took 3 weeks to make 100 masks with their best efforts.  As the difficulty increased, the number of sewing volunteers decreased, which means volunteers need to invest more hours. The volunteers have risen up to the challenge as they strive to complete the task by the deadline in order to save more human lives.


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