Charity Soup Kitchen

Charity Volunteers Get the Food Safe Certificates


Lotus Light Charity Kitchen program requires volunteers to take food safety training. The full course includes a test at the end of the course, with 75% required in order to pass. Having not touched a textbook for decades, volunteers Lin, Linda, and Sean found the exam to be quite daunting.

Lin used to write everything in her notebook as a way to remind herself of the contents discussed, but due to the heavy content covered in the book, she’s afraid that she won’t be able to contain key ideas. Linda, on the other hand, has taken the course multiple times, and mentions how she was not able to remember the rules. Sean, however, figured the course would be straightforward, as examinations were not a problem for him when he was in college. Unfortunately, after looking at the thick food safety binder, he realized that he may need to brush up on his studying routine.

On the day of the training, although they were anxious, Lin, Linda, and Sean had felt at ease, thanks to Master Lian Tzi’s generous blessing. After completing the course, Sean scored

a 98%, Lin received a 96%, and Linda was able to achieve a 76%!

With the three volunteers just passing the “Food Safe” course, Lotus Light Charity Kitchen now has 5 volunteers got their food safe certificates. Joining the food preparation group are 6 additional  volunteers  and a restaurant chef, the charity kitchen has a total of 12 members that are eager to help prepare nutritious meals!


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